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Student Resources for CHBE 488 588

Are you a student interested in the CCCS industry and want to make significant changes to the worlds GHG emissions? Does critically analyzing new technologies interest you? Do you just want to learn more about what is going on in the world to reduce GHG emissions? Come join the CHBE 448 588 course to engage with like minded individuals!

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Vertical Integration

Unlike most university courses, our course is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students to gain diverse knowledge and experience to tackle the course material. Students of diverse backgrounds will work together on case studies, pitch presentations, and deliver technology lectures while critically assessing CCCS technologies.


We are here to create an environment where you will learn how to critically assess new technologies in the area of carbon capture, conversion, and sequestration (CCCS) by applying your engineering skills and tools. We hope to support you in becoming the next generation of engineers who contribute to a cleaner future.

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