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CHBE 488 588 Carbon Capture, Conversion, and Sequestration Technologies

Welcome to the University of British Columbia (UBC) CHBE 488 588 course website! The course is case study based learning conducted through team work. You will be working with sponsor carbon related companies through case studies, where you will assess their technologies based on course learnings. We train professionals entering the fast growing and dynamic Carbon Capture, Conversion, and Sequestration (CCCS) sector. Find out how UBC is supporting this sector.

Previous Session Case Studies


Carbon Sequestration

CO2 is sequestered and converted to carbonate to be stored in a cement product

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Carbon Capture and Conversion

CO2 from industrial or commercial boilers is captured and turned into pearl ash

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Carbon Conversion

CO2 and saline wastewater from the oil and gas industry is converted to desalinated water, caustic, and acid

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is used to capture CO2 from the atmosphere for storage in geological basalt formations 



Carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere using direct air capture



Carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions are captured and converted, using proprietary electrochemical stack cell systems, into carbon-based materials such as methanol, syngas, or others.


Industrial Climate Solutions

Using proprietary pulsing froth gas-liquid mass-transfer technology, a more efficient solvent absorption and separation carbon capture system leading to smaller equipment/volume is obtained, for both pre-combustion and post-combustion cases.



Lafarge is Canada's largest provider of sustainable and innovative building solutions including cement, construction aggregates, and concrete.

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Ekona is a global cleantech company based in Vancouver leading the decarbonization of hydrogen production in the energy sector and heavy industry, utilizing abundant, low-cost hydrocarbon resources in cleaner, better ways.

Become an SME Case Study Sponsor

Are you a carbon capture, conversion, or sequestration small-to-medium enterprise (SME) and want to get involved in contributing to the future of CCCS knowledge? Become a case study sponsor to engage with fresh young minds interested in the CCCS sector.

Our Mission

CHBE 488 588 is designed to train the next generation of carbon capture, conversion, and sequestration (CCCS) professionals on relevant and cutting edge technologies, policy, and regulatory framework.  

If you are a student that is interested in critically assessing new technologies to reduce carbon emissions click on “Read More”


Student Success Stories

“This course allowed me to gain the fundamentals needed to excel in an up and coming dynamic new industry of Carbon Capture and Conversion. The opportunity to work with SMEs at the forefront of the CCCS sector is a unique and rare opportunity to engage with individuals who are trying to make impactful change towards reducing GHG emissions.”

Justin K

CHBE 588 taught me to look at a technology in the forefront of our global issues from an industry-focused lens. The opportunity to case study real companies highlighted the reality that there is no silver bullet solution to carbon capture, and that different solutions are appropriate in different environments and circumstances. This is why pursuing research and taking risks is important, and debates on a singular "best" solution are counterproductive.

Raphael SG

"CHBE 588 covered a broad range of topics for assessing emerging technologies (techno-economic analysis, life cycle analysis, etc.) in a highly engaging and applied manner. Through a focus on industrial partnerships and iterative learning with the professors themselves, it goes a long way to help prepare students for future roles in this field"

Heather N

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